Sunday, October 26, 2014

For Me

I haven't written for a while, but I no longer write for you. I write for me. It's much easier to write for myself. I don't have the stifling expectations of perfection for myself that you had for me. I no longer have to worry about what you'll think about the things I write, whether you'll like it or not.

 For a while knowing that you could possibly read what I write and see into my soul censored my creativity as a writer. But I'm past that now. I've been empowered by the knowledge of how someone that really cares for another person acts and treats them. I'll never settle for being treated in a manner less than what I deserve. I hope all of you become empowered with the awesome knowledge of what you're worth as a person because you all really are so special.

One of my Facebook friends gave me some advice that I'll never forgot in Second Life and the real world. "Let actions be your standard rather than the words being said." Thanks AA for that amazing advice that I'll never forget.

Dreaming of what's to come
Hugs and love for both your lives,

Just Another Tequilla Sunrise

There's a new sim on Second Life that you all should check out. It's called Just Another Tequilla Sunrise .  This sim is open to everyone to explore. It was designed by Arol Lightfoot who is a very talented Second Life  photographer and sim designer. Check out her photos here

What's special about this sim, besides the fact that it's beautifully designed,  is that it was created especially for Second Life photography. There are so many opportunities for fantastic photo shots throughout the sim. Right now it has an autumn theme.

I've been using this sim to practice my Second Life photography. Arol allows you to rez your photo stands as long as you remember to take them back to inventory before you leave. This was a problem that I always had with other sims. I'd see a photo that I wanted to take with my avatar, but the sim was no rez. It's hard to find the right pose without my stand.

This sim has multiple scenes for photography. Among them are a beach scene with beach house and lighthouse, a meadow, a farmhouse and barn. Attention to detail is everywhere and there is so much to explore and enjoy. You don't have to be a photographer to visit. Everyone is welcome and there are areas just to sit and chat, meditate, enjoy the scenery, or maybe make a new friend. It might even inspire you to take up Second Life photography as I've recently done.

Here are a few pictures that I've taken at Just Another Tequilla Sunrise. There is also a Flickr group made especially for pictures of the sim that everyone can join and share their pictures.

Lighthouse by the beach

A View from the Pond
The Horse Barn
View of the Farmhouse
A Quiet Place to Relax
I've been spending a lot of time there. I hope you come to visit and enjoy! Perhaps I'll see you there. If you enjoy my pictures, follow my Flickr here .


Daisy Kwon

Friday, October 24, 2014

Another New Beginning

I've been off in my own little world lately just enjoying my new found SL hobby. I've developed a love of taking pictures in Second Life. It allows me to get out and explore Second Life while sometimes meeting new people. It gives me freedom to avoid the clubs and hangouts of most SL residents. I feel free just to enjoy the beauty of Second Life without the drama and unfortunately the lies some people tell here.

So here are a few of my recent pictures. I've been working on taking pictures of my avatar recently. That is my weakest area and where I need to improve the most. It requires much more patience than my usual love of landscape photography.

Check out my Flickr sometime here

A Pastel Day, taken at Alirium
This amazing dress is from Hucci: Pasni in Sky Blue

Teal Blue, taken at my home
Fringe Bandeau Tropical Blue Bikini by Hucci

I'll try to post a collection of photos I shot recently at a new sim you all should check out this weekend. More to come soon.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Perfect SL Friend

The perfect SL friend is the one who makes you smile...all night long. I love a fantastic sense of humor. You can say I'm a sucker for it because I am. Make me smile, make me're what SL is all about to me.  :) Big smile, you get it :) Carry on!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Just when you think you know it all...

I've been around Second Life a long time, a very long time....since 2006. I'm not on nearly as often as I used to be, but when I am on I always have this feeling that I've experienced everything here and pretty much know all there is to know.

Recently, I discovered I was very wrong. Earlier this week when my friend logged off Second Life for the night, I decided to go somewhere to listen to music. I decided to go to Big Daddy's 80's club because there's always a lot of people there to talk to and it's a fun place. This particular night I saw a name that seemed familiar to me so I started looking through his profile. I decided to send him an IM to ask if he used to own a store in Second Life.

One of my personality traits is my natural curiosity and inability to give up when I'm trying to figure out something. So I'm talking to this stranger and looking through his profile. He's doing the same to mine. Suddenly I start getting all these IM's all at the same time. I'm thinking WOW...I'm really popular tonight lol. It was too many IM's for me to really read what everyone was saying but I noticed one in particular that said "I liked you better as a human". That caught my attention as well as the one that said something about what a nice rabbit I made. So I cammed back over to myself and there I was or something that no longer resembled me at all with my name over it.

My first instinct was to hit the log off button. I noticed an IM that said "did you click a link in someone's profile?". Errr, why yes I did, you see I'm curious. I clicked a link without even reading it in the guy's profile that I was trying to figure out who he was. This link changed me into a rabbit. I didn't know that was possible to click a link, have it undress me, and make me into an animal avatar. Well now I know, and I'm telling you too so that you'll know. Never click a link in someone's profile especially if it has the word "wear" in it.

It was funny, but very embarrassing. However it made Second Life fun for me again. It made Second Life what it used to be for me in the early years. So I guess even though he irritated me a bit, I had fun that night. I talked to more people than I'd talked to in a long time.

I left the rabbit suit on the next day to let my good friend Arol Lightfoot, who's a fantastic Second Life photographer, take some pictures of me. She was kind enough to take some pictures of me as a raccoon as well. Thanks Arol for making them so sexy lol!

Photography by Arol Lightfoot

Check out Arol Lightfoot's Flickr for more of her beautiful work

Raccoons can be sexy too - Thanks Arol!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Second Life Privacy

Privacy on Second Life has always been an issue. Second Life allows its residents to maintain a friends list. You can individually turn off a friend's rights to see you online. Well kind of you can, but more about that later. The friends list is a touchy thing. Some people immediately want to friend you. I don't like to accept friend requests unless I  know someone very well. If it's someone I've spoken to a few times and they seem reasonably sane, then I usually accept their friend requests. After all, how can you find someone again in this virtual world without doing so unless you constantly hang out at the same place all the time? I also feel bad if I don't accept a friend request because I don't like hurting people's feelings.

Sometimes I just like to come on SL and relax and talk to no one. Second Life does not, to my knowledge, allow you to turn all friends off at once. Instead you have to turn off friends individually which is kind of hypocritical to the point of having friends or set yourself in a unavailable mode. I rarely have done this, but there have been a few periods in my RL that I just needed to totally escape from sad situations and just didn't want to talk to anyone. I wish Second Life allowed us to turn all friends off and truly not let us be seen when we feel like it. This would eliminate the majority of the alts in Second Life.

So, moving on now to the point of this blog. There is no true privacy on Second Life. Even if you turn all your friends off, people can still see if you're online by a few methods. One is by looking at the groups you share and seeing your online status. That's why many people don't even show their group memberships. The other way people can detect your online status is by using a scripted avatar tracker. These are available inworld and online on the Marketplace. The trackers will show when you log in, log out, and some even will send you a message or email relaying this information to anyone.

So much for privacy on Second Life. Recently I have been "stalked" on Second Life by someone using a tracker. This person is not on my friends list. I don't know him that well. I talked to him once and he seemed very nice. He may even have been someone I might have liked to have as a friend, but he never gave me that chance to know him before he started tracking me. I log into SL and he starts talking to me on IM. He did this a few times and I finally made the decision not to answer him. I feel  he's invading my privacy. Yes, I could block him and I may have to do so.

I confess that I have used a Tracker before. Being an emotional female, I got SL stupid once about a guy that I suspected was lying to me about his online presence.  I'm not proud of myself for spying on someone but I did it. I don't use a Tracker anymore though because I've decided to allow people their privacy on Second Life as much as I wish they would allow me my privacy.

So what are your feelings about SL privacy issues, trackers, the friends list, the use of the unavailable features? I've been on Second Life since 2006 and feel this is an area the Lindens have done very little to improve over the years. Why do I need to create an alt just to have privacy? Why can't we be allowed to show online to no one without being discovered? Why are trackers still allowed to be sold in Second Life?

~Daisy (or should I use my alt's name for privacy?)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Just One More Try

Ever just love a song to death? You could hear it over and over and over and love it even more than the previous time. This isn't a current song, but I love it to death.

One More Try by George Michaels

"Now, I think it's time
that you let me know.
So if you love me, say you love me.
But if you don't, just let me go."

"So I don't want to learn to hold you,
touch you, think that you're mine..."

"Baby, just one more try"

So I'm back on Second Life after a nice long break to give it one more try. Being on Second Life can be like feeling the words of this song over and over when you find the right person to sing it to you. It's those feelings  that keep many  people on Second Life. Just let yourself go to really experience it.